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Residence of Emerald Father Frost

Father Frost is living here! ⠀

Seven unique rooms where Father Frost spends his time and meets his welcome guests: 

In his office Father Frost greets his guests. Here you can leave your wish letter and make your most cherished wish. The Snow Maiden will show guests the Bear Museum with more than 500 unique bear figurines. 

Father Frost’s Bedroom

There is a place where Father Frost and Snow Maiden can relax and read fairy tales. 

Father Frost’s attic changes from holiday to holiday, because Father Frost knows and loves all holidays, and not just the New Year. 

In the playroom guests will be greeted by Father Frost’s assistants who will play with them, tell them fairy tales and dance. 

And, of course, the main decoration of the residence is the New Year Tree with unique photo zones and souvenirs from the most skilled masters. 

Father Frost is waiting for you and your children! 

What can kids do in the playroom when Father Frost is at the North Pole? Fun animation programs, creative workshops, entertaining and intellectual games, drawing, logic development with board games and much more. 

All play and work materials are provided in the playroom. 

Children will find the most intense and interesting program of games and activities for every taste!

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